This week in Children's Church

Ages 5--4th Grade                                                                        5th -8th Grade

This month in Toddler's Church

February 2023

The Bible Adventure curriculum helps preschoolers get to know Jesus in the context of small group relationships. Each hour-long experience includes simple in-room illustrations, a video-teaching-based Bible Adventure for small groups to go on together, and an in-room review time that inspires wonder. Each unit asks a question, presents an engaging Bible story, and teaches a memorable Bible verse in a way that helps two-, three-, and four-year-olds apply spiritual truth to their everyday life.

This month, kids will learn that Jesus is the best teacher because He teaches us how to live God’s way. When we obey Jesus, it’s like building a house on a super strong rock. Look in the Bible to find out what Jesus teaches!

Here are some ideas you can do at home with your children! (Click Here)